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Embrace Innovation with us on your stream

The S/4HANA Implementation Success Recipe

Recipe for a successful S/4HANA Implementation

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Ingredients for 2 corporations. Values can be easily adapted to your needs. Just ask us for more information!

Ingredients Amount
Source systems
ERP data records
Migration tool
System landscape
Capacity of the departments
500 hours
Expertise of OnStream
A dash

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For corporations

and  objects.



Data Assessment

  • Analysis of the existing system landscape and source systems.
  • Profiling of objects, data volumes, outlining the complexity and dependencies of existing ERP data.
  • Design of a target system landscape for the desired business processes.


Data Migration Concept

A data migration concept is created from the results of the data assessment.
This defines:

  • Migration objects and their business relevancy rules,
  • Source systems and target systems,
  • Selection of the migration tool and the architecture for the ETL process,
  • Validation concept, 
  • Responsibilities for key project tasks and an effective communication plan.

This creates the basis for a structured and successful implementation of the data migration process.


Data Cleansing and Extraction

Data migration enables the existing data to be cleansed. The cleansing can be carried out by the departments in the source system, but also as an intermediate step of the data migration process. This is essential for cleansing and the avoidance of data garbage.


Testing and Validation

Testing migration processes is one of the most important parts of a project. By carrying out migration tests  departments, it is possible to model  the final result. Only after a successful user acceptance can the next step be taken.


CutOver and GoLive

A final cutover to the target system landscape. By testing often and early, this step runs smoothly and a seamless transition to the new S/4HANA system is possible.



Coordination and acceptance of the new system environment by the auditor.


Top-up (if required)

Hypercare to ensure smooth processes. Adaptation of individual functionalities for the purpose of process optimization.