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OnStream Consulting – Embrace Innovation with us on your stream

Embrace Innovation with us on your stream

OnStream has the right solution for any and every challenge

An SAP Data Migration project or the implementation of a Master Data Governance system opens up many opportunities for you. 
Today, Data Quality and structure are more important than ever. We will support you in getting the most out of your project so that your future position is secure.

Migration Planning & Preparation

Our consultants will support you right from the start of your migration project. By working in close partnership with your team, we can create a data migration strategy (DMS) that is perfectly tailored to your needs. You can find out more here.


OnStream Consulting specializes in the use of various SAP tools, suitable for your migration requirements. Our consultants are experts in the use of SAP Data Services (DS) / Data Integrator (DI), as well as SAP Migration Cockpit (LTMC). Our In-House Migration Factory offers a wide range of " best-practices" solutions, which can be adapted to your needs in just a few steps. Learn more here.

Cut-Over Management & GoLive

GoLive is the most critical phase of any migration project. With the right preparation and our know-how, we can take the stress out of GoLive. Our cut-over managers ensure an efficient and orderly process, while our technical team supports you all the way, providing the necessary pre and post load validation reports while ensuring nothing stands in the way of a smooth and effective live switch. You can find out more here.

Hypecare & Auditor acceptance

Even with a smooth GoLive and the best preparation, errors or problems can still occur. In order that this does not hinder essential processes in your new system, we are also here to support you beyond the GoLive. We are the right partner for the coordination and preparation of acceptance by your auditor. Our expert checklist helps you prepare and implement all the necessary documentation for an auditing process. You can find out more here.

Initial Data Assessment & Preparation

Many companies have been using their ERP systems for decades and often already have one or the other system reimplementation behind them. Over the course of this time, it is normal for redundant data to accumulate in the system. Our DQM experts are experienced in identifying this data garbage and supporting you in cleaning it up.
Learn more about our initial data assessment here.

Data Profiling

Data quality improvement always starts with data profiling, which supports your organization in identifying possible deficiencies. Excel reports or evaluations directly in the ERP system quickly reach their limits, so we can provide technical support using SAP data profiling tools such as SAP Information Steward. You can learn more about this here.

Data cleansing

Data profiling is followed by data cleansing. A good time for data cleansing is during a data migration, which uses data quality management (DQM) to ensure that only cleansed data is migrated to the new system. However, running systems can also be sustainably cleansed via a standalone DQM project. With larger data volumes, it makes sense to rely on technical support.
You can find out more about this here.


A good data quality concept is characterized by ensuring that high data quality is maintained even after profiling and subsequent cleansing.
The reports developed during profiling can therefore be used and continuously enhanced even after the completion of your DQM project. Our experts are trained to pass on this practice to your department so that you are able to retrieve the reports independently on a regular basis. You can find out more about this here.

MDG - Master Data Quality as A Success Factor

Take your master data processes to the next level with the implementation of SAP Master Data Governance. With the right implementation, SAP Master Data Governance enables them to achieve more efficient processes and a high level of data quality standards. However, this requires the right preparation and implementation to realize the full potential.
Learn more about how we can support you with your MDG implementation here.

System Architecture

A typical challenge in the implementation of MDG is the integration of the system into the existing system infrastructure. Interfaces, processes and role/security concepts have to be designed and implemented. This requires a thorough analysis of the legacy systems and a broad understanding of the customer's target architecture vision.
Our MDG experts are happy to support you on the way to your robust and future-oriented MDG architecture. Learn more here.

Workflow Design

In addition to architecture, the correct design of the processes and workflows is also essential in the area of MDG, in accordance with your individual requirements. This includes the implementation of the workflow design as well as the design of the Fiori interface or the integration of your new role concept. You can learn more about this here.


Similar to the introduction of an SAP S/4HANA system, a new MDG system must first be enriched with data. However,, the procedure within the migration does not essentially differ from conventional migration projects. Nevertheless, there are some special features that must be taken into account. If you need support with the migration to your MDG system, our experts will be happy to help you ensure the most important measures are implemented.

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