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OnStream Consulting – Embrace Innovation with us on your stream

Embrace Innovation with us on your stream

Hybrid working in a modern Environment

Home Office, Office or Overseas?

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, home office working and other hybrid work models have been a much-discussed topic. While some love working from home, others miss the traditional office environment and the chance to spend time with colleagues. At OnStream, we believe in listening to the needs of the individual and as a result can offer our employees the best of both worlds. 

We believe that it’s our employees who are best able to decide when and where they are most productive. We also allow flexible working from abroad for 30 days a year.

Home Office &
Health at Work

Working from home is not a new trend, and many companies already offer this option to their employees. However, this also requires important preparations and adaptations to be made: without the right equipment, working from home can lead to health problems.

Therefore, we ensure that every employee who regularly works from home also receives the appropriate resources for the design of their office environment.

These include:

  • Height adjustable display
  • Ergonomic office chairs
  • Mouse and keyboard

Digital Working & new Opportunities!

What was once unthinkable is now standard. The exciting possibilities of modern digital working allow us to break new ground and connect teams around the world

Our experience has shown us that productive collaboration and project success are not the result of physical proximity, but the result of trust, organization and dynamic structures. With Microsoft Teams or Zoom, it’s now possible to implement joint projects digitally.

As a result, our employees are able to work flexibly from abroad for 30 days per year. To enable this we offer a VPN tunnel to ensure that all relevant GDPR and DSGVO standards are met with full compliance.