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OnStream Consulting – Embrace Innovation with us on your stream

Embrace Innovation with us on your stream

Embrace Innovation with us on your stream.


The Success Factor for your Implementation Project

Get the highest quality support from start to finish by a team of experienced consultants for your SAP S/4HANA or SAP MDG implementation project. With us at your side, you don’t need to worry about Data Migration & Data Quality: our motto is quality over quantity. Each of our consultants is handpicked for their respective project and meets our rigorous quality standards. Dedication, motivation and high professionalism.




The IT is a very fast-moving world and those who do not strive for innovation will find themselves behind in the long run.
At OnStream Consulting we are constantly evolving and aiming to fearlessly break new ground. We are convinced that this translates into sustainable success for our customers, accelerating their IT projects through the use of the latest technology, processes and methodology.



Data Migration and Data Quality Management are wide-ranging topics. A large data migration project can include over 50 objects. Therefore, it is essential to have a diverse team with the right competencies. In such IT projects you need team players not lone wolves. OnStream offers you this support. Our consultants fit seamlessly into your organization and complement your existing expertise.




Transparency in our relations with our customers as well as employees is an essential feature of any trusted partnership.
We rely exclusively on long-term partnerships. With us at your side, you have a partner whose word is their bond. We are also not afraid of honest feedback and realistic estimates of budgets and availabilities.



Quality over quantity is the guiding principle behind our strategic growth orientation. Of course, we are committed to growth, but not at any price. Growing too quickly, without the expansion of internal infrastructure, would put our own values at risk. Those values are providing quality service for satisfied employees and customers. Relying on steady, organic growth promotes cohesion and enriches the quality of the team, instead of hindering it.

Denis Friesen

Managing Director and Project Manager

Denis started his career in SAP consulting in 2016 and completed his international management studies part-time. He’s responsible for Data Migration, Cutover and Data Quality Management and successfully supports his customers in SAP S/4HANA implementations.

He started his professional career in a medium-sized company, which he joined as one of the first employees. As one of the main persons responsible for Data Migration, he has successfully supported major international projects and the expansion of the company.

Denis founded OnStream Consulting in 2022, with the mission of building a high-quality company for experts in the field of SAP system implementation. Since then, he has taken up the role of Managing Director and Project Lead.

Philip Utzig

Managing Director and Project Manager

Philip started his professional career in 2013. During his one-year stay in Chile, he learned the basics of SAP through an internship. 2 years later, he founded an IT consulting company specializing in Data Migration and Data Quality Management. The company enjoyed great success and over the last 7 years he has actively supported a wide range of large projects.

In 2022, he felt it was time for and together with his business partner Denis Friesen he founded OnStream Consulting. Philip continues to support clients as a project manager and in his role as managing director has shared responsibility for the continued expansion of OnStream Consulting.